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New District Officer for Sai Kung

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Mr David Chiu

Mr David Chiu will assume the post of District Officer (Sai Kung) today, 9 October, succeeding Ms Maureen Siu.

Mr Chiu joined the Executive Officer Grade in 1985. He has served in various bureaus and departments including the former City and New Territories Administration, the former Education Department, the former Urban Services Department, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Registration and Electoral Office, the former Works Bureau, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Invest Hong Kong, the Civil Service Bureau, the Social Welfare Department, the Chief Secretary for Administration’s Office and the Home Affairs Bureau.

He was the Assistant Director of Home Affairs (Special Duties) before taking up the new post.BUZZ hopes to have an interview with Mr Chui soon, and hopes that he will have as cordial relationship with the local news media as his predecessor.

2 Comments on New District Officer for Sai Kung

  1. Is he real or virtual reality … cos well the photo does not look real .


  2. No member of the HK public is entitled to have any input into this appointment.


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