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Cycle park by sports ground to close for 4 days from 9 October – where will all the Gobee bikes go?

A personal rant by Erithicus


The Mei Yuen Street bike park

Transport Department have advised members of the public that in order to facilitate clearance operations, the cycle parking spaces at Mei Yuen Street near Sai Kung Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground will be suspended during the period 8:00 a.m. on 9 October  to 4:00 p.m. on 12 October 2017.


Bikes are only allowed to park for 24 hours – a requirement seemingly waived for Gobee

Erithicus wonders what will happen to the Gobee bikes that seem to have taken over this spot? At the same time, the legal notices state that bikes will be removed after 24 hours – but this seems to have been waived for Gobee, as BUZZ staff have seen the same bikes there for a number of days – blocking all the stands so other cyclists cannot park legally, but have to leave their bikes chained to the railings nearby. Strange, seeing it’s so close to the police station; but then, who’s really in charge? Police/Transport Department/Lands Department? Something must be done to address the whole issue. It’s just crazy for so few legal places to park, and so far away from the centre – as can be seen by by the fluorescent green plague spreading along the waterfront.


3 Comments on Cycle park by sports ground to close for 4 days from 9 October – where will all the Gobee bikes go?

  1. So true….and is all over hkg. Especially is interesting to see that the lack of equality is shown so openly


  2. Friends of Sai Kung asked for bicycle parking bays for all government facilities in Sai Kung Town including offices, sports facilities, car parks, playgrounds etc as there were ZERO at the time of asking. Transport Department eventually relented and gave us? This single bay at the BACK of the Tang Shiu Kin Stadium. What a farce. Is there ANY government department doing a good job in Sai Kung post 1997?


  3. I can only think of three; Mona Fong Clinic, the Post Office and the Library.


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