Two women found dying in car on Sai Sha Road: Doctor charged with murder

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The wife and daughter of a Chinese University professor were found unconscious in the parked Mini Cooper and later died. Photo: Edmond So

A Ma On Shan doctor has been charged with murder after two years of police investigations into the discovery on Sai Sha Road of a yellow Mini-Cooper with two dying women locked in it. Professor Khaw Kim-sun, 52, who taught anaesthesia at Chinese University and practiced at Prince of Wales Hospital, appeared at Shatin Court yesterday in a black hood. He lived with his wife, one of his alleged victims, a daughter who also died in the car, and three other children at Tai Tung Tsuen.
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Khaw Lai-ling, 16, was found unconscious with her mother in a car pulled over on Sai Sha Road. Photo: Handout

In May 2015 a jogger noticed a yellow car parked oddly at a Sai O bus stop with two women slumped in it. Intent on his exercise, he didn’t think much about it and carried on. Later he ran past the car in the reverse direction. The women hadn’t moved. He called the police.
sai sha 4
Professor Khaw Kim-sun, 52

Watch Apple Daily newscast and simulation here (in Chinese)

Wong Siew-fing, 47-year-old wife of Dr Khaw, and Lai-ting, his 16-year-old daughter, were taken to hospital unconscious. They died later the same day. A post-mortem concluded the cause of death was carbon-monoxide poisoning. The police impounded the car for examination.

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Khaw (in hood), leaves Ma On Shan police station on Monday. Photo: Handout

At Shatin Court yesterday Khaw was remanded in custody. The murder trial is due to start on 8 October. Why the investigations by the police and justice department took two years and three months is unknown. Apple Daily claimed the Khaw’s marriage was in trouble.

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