Police commander reveals crime statistics and comments on community issues

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Sai Kung has been generally peaceful this year, Chief Inspector Daniel Tsang said, except for minor offences. The divisional police commander noted that thefts have increased and a spate of burglaries has occurred (see earlier story).
Here’s what Daniel had to tell SAI KUNG BUZZ about crime and other matters in our district (figures mostly for first-half 2017):
BURGLARIES: 27. None involving violence.
ASSAULTS: 10. Incidents mostly stemming from traffic disputes or confrontation between strangers.
THEFTS: 35, from rucksacks at work or left in alleyways. One case from the stadium changing room. Daniel issued the usual warning: take care for your belongings.
ARSON: He described a case at Nam Wai as the worst crime in Sai Kung this year. A seven-seater vehicle was burned out apparently following a land or money dispute.
CRIMINAL DAMAGE: The O Tau incident where red liquid was thrown at a house and two windows broken was the first in Sai Kung for a long time. Such incidents are rare in our area, but more common in, say, Kowloon. Police are investigating the O Tau case along the line of land dispute and detectives from Wong Tai Sin headquarters are investigating.
DROWNING OF RUSSIAN LADY SCIENTIST: This occurred at Three Fathoms Cove within the area looked after by Ma On Shan police and they are investigating.
DOMESTIC HELPERS: One case was reported this week of a male helper doing improper work. He had been asked to work on a boat at Pak Sha Wan and paid $300. Both the helper and the contractor were arrested. The helper will be charged with breach of condition of stay and the contractor with hiring someone not lawfully employable.
DRUGS: 3 cases

1) A couple in their 20s were arrested in Ho Chung for trafficking dangerous drugs. Crack cocaine was seized.
2) A male in his 30s was arrested for possessing cannabis and ketamine in Wong Chuk Wan village.
3) A male in his 40s was arrested for possessing cannabis in Tui Min Hoi village.

DOMESTIC INCIDENTS: 30. Cases with minor violence such as bruising: 5
TRIADS: Daniel said the police patrol the seafood restaurant areas on the waterfront almost every day. They seek to ensure parking-related extortion does not occur.
TRAFFIC JAMS: Asked about traffic congestion on Hiram’s Highway, Daniel laughed, shrugged and said, “What can I do?” Multiple government departments — Transport, Highways, Planning, Civil Engineering — plus contractors are all in the mix. Then he got serious, saying the police liaise with them as best they can to keep the traffic flowing in peak hours. Regarding the areas in the centre of town, e.g. Chan Man St, they relentlessly ticket double-parkers or any driver causing obstruction.
DANIEL GROSHONG WARNING: BUZZ mentioned to the police chief that Mr Groshong, killed in East Timor by a falling tree, had complained to one of his predecessors about high-speed driving on Wai Man Rd. This street has masses of children crossing it every day to and from the two schools, sports grounds and swimming pool. Daniel G, whose daughter used the road a lot, had told the Sai Kung police he feared one day a child would be mowed down by a speeding driver on Wai Man Rd. Before Daniel T became Sai Kung police chief, a woman was struck by a minibus on that road and pinned under the vehicle. Daniel T said he was unaware of his namesake’s complaint and would look into the matter.
GOBEE BIKES: The Chief Inspector said the business could be a potential street management and crime problem because bikes parked at inappropriate places could cause obstruction and may attract theft or vandalism. Nonetheless, sharing of resources seems to be a worldwide trend and Sai Kung police will monitor its development and play their part accordingly.
SPEEDING DRIVERS KILLING OR INJURING COWS: BUZZ said Sai Kung Buffalo Watch has asked the police to see if they can have speed cameras or other speed-suppression methods installed on the main roads (Tai Mong Tsai Rd and Sai Sha Rd) where cows all too often get killed or injured by speeding drivers. We mentioned the latest death on Sai Sha Road. Daniel said the case occurred in Ma On Shan area so he could not provide details. For Tai Mong Tsai Road and Sai Sha Road, he said, “I am aware the suggestion of setting speed cameras has been put up to relevant departments more than once, but a decision is yet to be made”.
MINI-COOPER MURDER CASE AND HO CHUNG BOMB-MAKING: These alleged crimes, the most serious in our district in recent years, are sub-judice — before the courts — so cannot be discussed.

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  1. @ speeding on roads with lots of kids: i know it won’t help too much, but why not install speed bumps evwry 20 or 50 meters. Then kids maybe got a chance to survive and speeding drivers get annoyed.
    @gobeebike: i will not understand why it can’t be dealed with it better. The owner is known. So grab a truck .put the bikes on it and bring it back to the company. They have to pay the costs for all. If the blame thwy haven’t put it there….well the people who rent the bikes are just subcontractor(like) to the company. If they want then goobeebike can charge them back.