"Peace Garden" to be opened as developer manoeuvres to build at parks and beaches

Chairman of Tuenbo (Holdings) Ltd and Deputies of the HKCTC visit Sai Kung’s Geopark

Campaigners against housing projects in country parks are incensed by the activities of an outfit called Tuenbo Group. This 30-year-old company has been buying up land at beautiful park locations, Tai Long Wan, Pak Lap and Wu Kau Tang. The Chairman of Tuenbo is Cheung Sung-lam and Dorothy Wong Sung-king, one of the district’s biggest developers, is one of the largest shareholders. A 2014 filing with the Companies Registry names these two as the key shareholders.
Tuenbo’s website says they want to build:

  • Near Pak Lap beach “an education facility” with an 80-room resort on
    460,000 sq ft of land.
  • At Wu Kau Tang 130 villas with another “educational facility”, centre
    for elderly, spa and resort.
  • At Tai Long Wan, the loveliest beach in Hong Kong, houses and a
    resort on a 2.6 million sq ft site. 
    Pak Lap beach, site of new “Peace Garden” and if the developers have their way, an 80-room resort

A member of Friends of Sai Kung said, “Anyone with the IQ of a potted plant can see that the games some people play as they manoeuvre to get projects approved are unscrupulous at best and fraudulent at worst.” The patriot card may be played, impressive sounding organisations roped in, eco-tourism, centres for the elderly and large gardens promised, never to eventuate. Questions are raised about the involvement of some officials and politicians.

Tai Lung Wan where Tuenbo wants to build housing and a resort on a 2.6 million sq ft site

On September 21 at Pak Lap behind the beach these ceremonial shenanigans will be played out. An invitation circulating in Sai Kung says it will be “Peace Day” at Pak Lap. There will be foundation stone laying for a “Peace Garden” followed by a tree planting ceremony, a “big bowl feast” and Hakka dancing. Tuenbo Chairman Cheung has patriotically liaised, we are told, with remnants of the Hong Kong Independent Battalion of Dongjiang Column, heroes of the resistance against the Japanese, who will be represented at the ceremony. So, too, the invitation says will be the UNESCO Hong Kong Association and the Hong Kong Institute for Sustainable Development. Tuenbo is listed at a member of the Pak Lap Peace Garden Preparatory Committee.
John Wright, Chairman of Friends of Sai Kung, said a court decision on a judicial review of the Pak Lap outline zoning plan is pending. Complaints about the Pak Lap project have been lodged with the Lands Department, EPD, AFCD and Planning Department. AFCD has issued the developers with a warning.
Tuenbo is a large property developer that has built projects in Guangdong, Beijing and many other locations in China. It claims on its website to be an eco-tourism and environmentally conscious developer.

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