Major police sweep following burglaries discovers hideouts above Ho Chung

polive ho chung 1
Hideouts were discovered by police sweeping hills above Ho Chung on Friday, Chief Inspector Daniel Tsang said. No illegal immigrants were found. The Sai Kung police chief said they were not sure if the culprits using the hill camps were responsible for a recent spate of burglaries. The Rural Patrol Team will continue the hunt.
After three attempted or successful burglaries in 24 hours — which Daniel described as unusual — the police mounted a major operation with more than 50 officers tramping through the hills and outskirts of villages. The areas of Tai Mong Tsai, Po Lo Che, Ho Chung, Tai Chung Hau and west towards Clearwater Bay Road were included. Officers taking part were from Sai Kung station, PTU, Dog Unit, Rural Patrol Team, Regional Crime Prevention Office and Community Relations – see our previous story.

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