Luxury Row at Tai Wan is wide open to all, criminal or otherwise

Luxury Row top and back in this photo from Tai Mong Tsai Rd

Tai Wan’s Luxury Row, now derelict, may become a haunt of squatters, IIs or criminals. Most of the houses are wide open, back and front, to the elements and creatures slithery, biped or multi-ped.


Vandals have somehow found pleasure in smashing up the place

Nobody goes there. To hike up is an effort, to hike down on the steep path at the back is a pain. The path is overgrown and slippery.

Luxury Row has a beautiful view.

A developer lost a lot of money on that site. Dollar signs dancing in his eyes, he built the row of luxury houses that have great views before getting permission for road access. The dollar signs vanished, never to reappear. The developer got mugged by reality.


Nature is claiming the place with vegetation and creatures of all sorts

Now the site is overgrown and looking bombed out. Vandals have been at work, smashing windows. Workers’ gear lies abandoned. Signs of habitation remain: running shoes, tossed-aside clothing, faded furniture, a vanity table and mirror. The typhoons have left some of the houses ankle deep in water.

The police should send patrols to check it out regularly.

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