Challenge the kid to get an Outward Bound certificate in three days


How about this for a birthday or Christmas present: give a youngster a three-day Outward Bound course culminating in an OBHK certificate. Cost $2950. This is being promoted now by the outdoor sports institution, off Tai Mong Tsai Road and only about two miles from the centre of town.
Executive Director Nick Cotton said the multiple benefits of an Outward Bound course are unquantifiable. “The personal stories, friendships forged in a tent in a storm, shared laughs of the group…”
The three-day OBHK Certificate Course is open to anyone over the age of 18. It is an introduction “into what you can achieve if you put your mind to it with the support of those around you.” Next course dates: 25 – 27 November and 18 – 20 December.
And what about adding this to your curriculum vitae? An Outward Bound instructor certificate. In December OB will be offering American Canoe Association kayak instructor courses costing $2750 for three days. You have to be over 18 and hold a first-aid certificate.
For younger teenagers (over 15) OB is promoting a Bushcraft course. Five days from October 2 to 6 for $4,800. This is about going deep into the bush in a group led by instructors to learn survival skills, fire lighting, navigation in nature and crisis management.
For children of 9 to 10 there is a five-day course called 4Kidz for $4,680. This is about challenging youngsters soon to enter secondary school with confidence-building exercises that also develop team spirit. The next course is 27 – 31 December.
For those with a hankering for challenges at sea Outward Bound is offering eight days of sailing on its Challenger 67 ft yacht around the islands of Hong Kong and Taiwan. This will be held 30 March to 6 April next year.
Many of these courses are open not only to individuals but to family groups. Fancy abseiling down One Island East? Just another challenge from Outward Bound. For more stimulating ideas for Mum, Dad and the Kids:

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