Cardinal to preside in Sai Kung during church's special service and feast day

Cardinal John Tong Hon

A Cardinal will visit Sai Kung on 5 November to preside at a parish feast day mass. Father Carlo Tei of Sacred Heart Church said John Tong Hon, formerly Bishop of Hong Kong and now a Cardinal, is fond of Sai Kung and likes to attend the annual event.
It will be a huge function attended by many hundreds of worshippers. Children from the two schools on the hill above the church will be present, plus most of the regular parishioners, who number about 600 every weekend, Carlo said. He asks for volunteers to come forward to drive elderly, ill and disabled people to the services. A banquet in one of the school halls will complete the ceremonies held “to celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus”.
Father Carlo Tei

Carlo, now 82, has been acting as parish priest and saying mass at Sacred Heart Church for 20 years. He looks surprisingly strong for his age, tall, articulate, speaking in a soft husky voice. Outside the church he is never seen without his chequered MG driver’s flat cap.
Cardinal Tong lives at the Holy Spirit Seminary in Aberdeen when not attending the Vatican, Carlo said. While Bishop, John Tong told Carlo that he did not need to retire at 65 as usually required by the church but could stay on until 85 if his health remains good and the new Bishop approves.

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