Beach clean-ups in full swing

beach 1
Some of the volunteers

A team of volunteers led by​ Margarita Hoyos​ and Carol Biddell  spent Saturday morning cleaning the small beach near Tai Wan. They filled 72 bags​ which​ were left on the side of Tai Mong Tsai Rd​, plus a large pile of broken canoes & other large items,​ to the bemusement of locals who didn’t realise what had been going on. FEHD trucks will take the bags away, Carol said.
This Sunday, 17 September, Carol and many​ volunteers​ will descend on​ seven beaches in ​Pak Sha Wan ​Bay​, an​ annual event, organised by Hebe Haven Yacht Club, but open to everyone. She expects 100 to 150 people to turn up, based on previous experience.  Many will come from nearby Resurrection Church.
Young helper

Carol said volunteers are​ still​ needed to clean small beaches. She can be reached at: Another beach clean-up star is Kitty Smith, who recently led a​ huge​ effort at Sha Ha.
beach 3
Before the clean-up

Saturday’s beach clean-up lasted from ​9:30 am to 1:00 pm  with about​ 20​  people including children mostly from Tai Wan​ Village,​ taking part.  It was very hot. “We got baked and then we got soaked” as cooling rain fell, Carol said. Most of the rubbish collected was plastic and polystyrene. Much of the latter can’t be picked up because it has broken down to individual beads intermingled with the sand. Carol is considering whether they could wash the sand separating out the polystyrene​ beads​.

“Please, please everyone! Don’t use so much plastic!” she said.

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