3.5 m Burmese python takes down a young calf

By Karina O'Carroll, Sai Kung Buffalo Watch

A sad loss Friday afternoon. Sai Kung Buffalo Watch responded to a case this afternoon, where a huge, protected Burmese Python managed to take down a young calf inside the country park ‘near Tai Tan. When the scene was spotted by a dog walker and reported, it was already too late for the calf sadly. Due to the area being popular with children and dog walkers, it was decided (not by us) that the snake had to be captured and brought to Kadoorie Farm for assessment.
The snake itself was approx 3.5 m in length and seemingly very healthy. The mother of the calf and its herd valiantly tried to fend off the snake reportedly and it was a tragic scene. While we are devastated about the loss of this calf, it was also a timely reminder that this is nature. Burmese Pythons are the only remaining predators of (young) cattle.
We wish to remind everyone to please be mindful of your children and dogs when in the country side. While there have been no recorded human deaths from Burmese Pythons, we have a duty to be vigilant.

Snakes need to survive too and are simply doing what natured intended them to. Education is critical and I would suggest anyone wishing to know more and learn about snakes, join the Hong Kong Snakes Facebook page.
We are monitoring the mother cow and her herd closely and will not be posting the location, due to our wish to have mum and the herd left in peace. The snake has also been removed.

Thank you to Dave Willot for his humane handling of the snake and for the community looking out for the cattle.

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