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Fists shaken and thumbs down as frustrated market stall holders show disgust over FEHD incompetence

by Trevor Bailey

market 4

Tui Min Hoi Market

Stall holders at Tui Min Hoi Market are shaking their fists over non-management. A quick tour reveals the mini-market is a bureaucratic disaster.

About three-quarters of the stalls are fenced off with blue and white Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) tape. Others are barred with metal gates and FEHD signs. At 10:30 am on a Thursday there are no customers. Just a handful of prospective stall holders standing around, by turns disconsolate, angry and then laughing at the FEHD for its apparent hopelessness.

market 1

Yum shows what he thinks of FEHD

SAI KUNG BUZZ spoke to Yum, Eddie and a lady who didn’t want to be named. But all three were happy to pose for photos into front of fenced-off stalls with raised fists and turned down thumbs to show what they think of FEHD.

Eddie said there was no power and no management. His disgust was obvious. Yum said he wanted to open a stall but was frustrated by FEHD. The lady just shook her fist over the incompetence.

market 2

Eddie says there is no management at all at Tui Min Hoi Market

These are people who are ready to work hard to support their families. If the FEHD would let them. The department should charge them peppercorn rents, ensure all stalls are filled with produce from local farms and fishermen, keep the place clean and get out of the way.

market 3

The anonymous lady standing in front of an FEHD-fenced-off market stall

Tui Min Hoi Market is a well-built place in a suburban location with an limited catchment area. With some bureaucratic money, management and promotion it could be a little hive of activity benefiting the community.

BUZZ will ask for comments from George Ng, Chairman of Sai Kung District Council, Maureen Siu, District Officer, and the FEHD.

3 Comments on Fists shaken and thumbs down as frustrated market stall holders show disgust over FEHD incompetence

  1. They should be reported tom the Audit Commission.


  2. In fact, I just have…


  3. Robin Bradbeer // 28 September 2017 at 3:28 PM // Reply

    Guy, the public interest group Momentum 107 have carried out surveys of all the public markets recently. Some of the Chinese media have reported this. We decided to check out the markets in Sai Kung – hence the story. We are following this up; there’s a lot more to it than at first sight. I am sure the Audit Commission is already on the case. Thanks for your report to them. Any little helps.


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