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Police operation to sweep Sai Kung hills after spate of burglaries maybe by illegal immigrants


A major police operation will take place this Friday (22 September). Officers from Police Tactical Unit, Police Dog Unit, Police Community Relationship Office, Regional Crime Prevention Office and Sai Kung Rural Patrol Team will sweep local hills and outskirts of villages because of a sudden rise in burglaries perhaps by illegal immigrants. Chief Inspector Daniel Tsang said more than 50 officers from the units will be involved in the operation. They will move through the following areas looking for illegal immigrants: Tai
Mong Tsai, Po Lo Che, Ho Chung, Tai Chung Hau and west towards Clearwater Bay Road.

greenview villas

Greenview Villas Photo: Google

Daniel, who commands Sai Kung station, said three burglaries have occurred in the past 24 hours. This is unusual. Two burglaries were merely attempted with the culprits seen off by security systems. At Greenview Villas a house occupant had put a plastic bar behind a sliding window to jam it (as the police recommend). The burglar tried so hard to force entry that he broke the bar noisily. The occupant got up to see a figure scarpering. The third burglary was successful, reported early Wednesday morning and at the time of SAI KUNG BUZZ’s interview with Daniel they were trying to ascertain how much property had been lost.


Chief Inspector Daniel Tsang, Commander of Sai Kung Division

“We need residents to be alert,” Daniel said. “It is difficult for us to protect you if you don’t do basic security.” Don’t leave windows open, lock up. He reiterated the message that burglars are often opportunists. If your home looks secure with lights, alarms and security systems, burglars are likely to move on to an easier target.

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  1. Great idea, but why announce in advance for gods sake!


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