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Accident at Pak Sha Wan causes lunch time chaos

pak sha wan crash 2

Photo: Online Media

At 12 o’clock yesterday afternoon, a two car collision occurred on Hiram’s Highway near Pak Sha Wan.  The driver reportedly losing control of the vehicle causing the accident. Three people were injured, including two drivers and one passenger.

One of the drivers was  trapped and suffered a foot fracture, and need to be rescued by firemen. All injured were sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where it was reported that no life was in danger. Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Due to the need to implement one-lane two-way traffic, there was serious congestion in both directions, and traffic took up to an hour to clear.

2 Comments on Accident at Pak Sha Wan causes lunch time chaos

  1. I assume that the police diverted at least Kowloon-bound traffic through the car park. If they didn’t….


  2. Peter Robertson // 6 March 2018 at 4:57 PM // Reply

    Either the accident happened at noon or it happened in the afternoon. As this accident happened in daylight it is clearly not midnight, but “12 o’clock in the morning, “12 o’clock in the afternoon”, “12am” and “12pm” are meaningless and, in general, ambiguous and should be avoided! “12 o’clock” is either noon (or mid-day) or midnight.


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