Your winning typhoon photos – and the answer to our previous quiz

Thank you to all BUZZ readers that sent in their photos of the recent storms. The judges weren’t looking for blood and gore, or loss of property or life. Nothing so ghoulish. Artistic as well as interesting themes were the order of the day. We’ll publish all entries in a photo montage at a later date.
Congratulations to Tara J Smyth for this winning triptych. Enjoy the wine

Hiking quiz: Location is on Sheung Yiu Country Trail

No-one was able to identify the location of this pretty hiking trail spot in Sai Kung. It is on a trail less travelled.
We offered a bottle of Winerack’s Montepulciano for the first person to name the location. Some people suggested it was near Sai Wan beach. Wrong. Our money is safe.
Now to fess up. The spot is on the Sheung Yiu country trail. This runs from the town-end of the High Island west coffer-dam above Astropark, contouring around the hills. The pretty waterfall spot is perhaps three quarters of the way round. Earlier you come to a Government sign at a fork in the trail. Don’t go down to the left, it says, the trail gets dangerous. Our 71-year-old photographer ignored this sign. Down down down a narrow trail. Then he saw a nasty deep ravine, a gash in the landscape. The Government is right. Our man turned back, otherwise he would probably still be down there.
The pretty waterfall spot with its stepping stones is high up this ravine on the main trail, which is quite safe. The hiking trail continues to Sheung Yiu village and its museum, then to the Bruce Lee bridge and Pak Tam Chung country park barrier.

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