Government knows best?

A personal rant by Guy Shirra

Hakka ladies playing Luk Fu

Why is it that the Government always presumes to know what is best for the population it is supposed to serve and rarely bothers to consult or just observe what the real need is?
A glaring example is to be seen in Sai Kung’s main square.
The main photo above shows 40 or more elderly Hakka ladies playing the traditional Luk Fu card game, possibly for a few cents but who cares?
They are enjoying themselves  but are trying to play comfortably sitting on  a collection of ramshackle chairs with polystyrene boxes used as card tables.
Unused exercise equipment in the Square

Just next door are the existing exercise facilities for the elderly – totally unused.
Now we have a new exercise facility for the elderly which nobody has requested and is more than likely doomed to become another white elephant waste of tax payers’ money.
square 1
Newly installed exercise equipment – presumably also to be unused

Why cannot  proper fixed tables and stools be provided for these good citizens? Elsewhere in Sai Kung Town they can be found sitting on flattened cardboard boxes to play. Do District Councillors not care? Or are they blind?

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  1. Many local politicians in SK town are too busy feathering their nests in property deals, while civil servants don’t want to leave their offices.