Animals in distress: concerned folk of Sai Kung respond

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Sai Kung’s big heart for animals in distress was in evidence again this weekend. After a woman reported an ill dog at Tai Long Wan rescuers went into action. She said it had apparently developed infection after a monkey bite. A boat has been arranged to go to the beach on Monday, collect the dog and take it to Sai Kung Animal Hospital. Lead organisers of the rescue: Debbie Chow, Narelle Pamuk and David Roche.

Also animal lovers reacted fast when Sai Kung Buffalo Watch reported a cow had been struck by a taxi near Outward Bound. SKBW founders Carol Biddell and Karina O’Carroll responded. Volunteers offered assistance. Police were informed and an AFCD veterinary team rushed to the scene. The police were said to have the taxi’s number and were looking for the driver.

For more information go to Sai Kung-Lost Found Injured Animals or Sai Kung Buffalo Watch Facebook pages.

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