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Widespread beach closures after oil spill: Sai Kung and CWB not affected – yet

oil spill 1

Photo: econews

Of the 13 beaches closed because of a palm oil spill, none are in Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay, according to the Government. As widely reported in the media, about 1000 tonnes of the stuff – white, greasy and crystalised – has washed up on beaches at Lantau, Lamma and Island South. This follows a collision between two ship in the Pearl River Delta on Saturday.

Less than 100 tonnes are reported to have been cleaned up, but volunteers and government workers seem to be making an impact. Environmental groups have accused the Government of slow response. Officials replied that the mainland had been waited some time before advising Hong Kong of the crash and spill.

spill 2

Volunteers clearing up the mess     Photo:

Dogs owners have been warned to be careful their animals do not eat the palm oil. Although it is reported to be non-toxic, fears have been expressed for sea life such as turtles. A surge of red tide may occur.

BUZZ will try and keep local residents up to date on any impact that may occur on our local beaches.

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