The Husky – stray dog with a big heart – eludes rescue again.

by Narelle Pamuk, Chairman, Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation

The volunteer team from Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation went out on a early morning mission last week to rescue The Husky. The Husky is a well known stray dog in the Chek Heng area. Although he came close to the trap cage he was too intelligent to enter. He was so hungry and circled the cage and tried to get the food with his paw from inside the cage. He then went to the volunteers nearby bag and took two pieces of chicken but not for himself.

This super caring dog, although starving for food himself, ran off up to the hills to an elevated position where a female mother dog was in a cave with her new born four babies 2-3 days old still with their umbilical cord attached (three boys and one girl). He gave the chicken to her. The volunteers followed him and rescued the mother and her babies. The Husky did eat some food with sedation and went into a relaxed position for his capture but…as fate may be…a cyclist came past and The Husky had to move off the pathway and the perfect position was lost. 

The mother dog and her babies were captured but The Husky ran further up the hills and was not sighted again. He is a real hero but it is so sad he continuously outsmarts all rescue attempts. He deserves to be taken care of and released of the responsibility of being the guardian of all female stray dogs in the Chek Keng location.


A reported sighting, saw him heading back to Tai Long Wan at 3:00 pm Sunday. We hope he ate the food that was left there, as he was so hungry this morning. The mother dog has been named Pearl and with her babies are now at our Sai Kung Stray Friends Kennels and will be coming available for adoption when they are older. A young male who is from the mother dog’s previous litter was happy to be captured and did not resist. A great effort from volunteers and Vet today. Please keep reports coming in if The Husky is seen and his locations.

See for more information on the charity: or call these numbers if you are interested in dog adoption.
Narelle: 9199 2340; Kathy: 6012 8559 (Chinese Speaker)

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