Man swept away by large wave in Sai Kung East Country Park

po pin chau
Po Pin Chau in Sai Kung GeoPark        Photo: Dronestagram

Police sources are reporting that a man who went missing in the waters off Po Pin Chau in Sai Kung East Country Park after being engulfed by a large wave and swept out to sea yesterday afternoon. An air and sea search was under way for the victim, Wong Pui-kong, 59, a slope maintenance worker who lives in Tai Po. Wong and three colleagues – two women and a man – climbed down a slope to collect clams and snails in their free time at about 1:00 pm.

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“Shortly before 1:30pm, a large wave about three to four metres tall hit the shore and engulfed the victim, who was dragged into the water,” a police source said.

“He was first seen struggling in the water before he was swept out to sea by another wave”. The source also added that it was dangerous to climb down the slope and described the location as always windy and subject to large waves. The source said there was no telephone signal on the shore, so his colleagues resorted to shouting for help. Eventually they alerted a man on board a passing vessel; the man called for help.

Police said Marine Police launches, fireboats and a Government Flying Service helicopter were deployed to search for the man. The Fire Services Department said six fire engines and two ambulances were dispatched along with two fireboats and two small boats. Divers were also deployed.

By late Friday evening, the man was still missing and the search was continuing.

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