Get ready for another evening of live music at S2

Sai Kung LIVE! have announced the line-up for the next event at S2 Seafood and Wine, on the seafront. This will take place from 8:00 – 11:00 pm on Saturday 5 August.

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First up is Kira Albarus, the singer of the Sai Kung americana band The Pineapple Jam – you may have caught them playing at Bacco on a rowdy Friday night and at the previous Sai Kung LIVE! event at S2 last month. She will be playing some folk tunes with fellow pineapple George Derisley, who usually plays the mandolin, but will accompany her with his harp and harmonising skills.

Kira Albarus and George Derisley, members of popular Sai Kung band, The Pineapple Jam

Next up will be Sean Gu and Arizton Pamplona, bringing soaring melodies, groovy guitars and smooth keys to the stage, offering a mix of originals and crowd favourites, delivered with frequent improvisation and fusion versions of pop, rock and R&B hits.

Sean Gu (left) and Arizton Pamplona (right)

The third act will be Peter Lo. He started playing guitar on and off 5 years ago – but more off than on, and started singing around 2 years ago. He has recently enjoyed working on recording his first album with Larry (from Village Dogs) also in Sai Kung. “As ever in music – you never stop learning – but it’s good for your soul.”

Peter Lo

Finally, rounding off the evening is Levelling Out, a classic rock band playing music from the 50’s to present, everything from A to ZZ Top. Having started in 2010, they’re a convergence of like minded individuals. They play for themselves, they play for money, they play for the love of music.

The last band of the evening will be Levelling Out

For more information contact Jason Curran  or James Lewis

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