Calf-napping on Sai Sha Road?

Sai Kung Buffalo Watch reported a disturbing incident on their Facebook page yesterday morning. Just after 10 am,  Peng Tsao was driving along Sai Sha Road when he saw two cars parked by the side of the road.  There were people  on the phone when he drove by. He slowed down cause it was unusual for people to actually use the passing place.

He saw what looked like the body of a calf being loaded into the boot. Unfortunately the calf didn’t look like it was moving. He also noticed that the cars didn’t look damaged so maybe it was not a hit (or not by those two cars who were just good Samaritans who stopped to move the body off the road). He thought that maybe the calf was in trouble – heat stroke or something (but then again the way they covered the whole body including the head didn’t look good).

There was no way to tell if the calf was dead, or alive, or injured. We post some frames from the dashcam video here to see if anyone can add anything to this mystery.

The video has been submitted to the police. Sai Kung Buffalo Watch are appealing for information. If you know anything, please contact Karina or Carol; 24 hour hotline 9781 4703/6531 8215/6773 9907


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