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Marine police try to reduce drownings by educating boating crowds heading out to sea


Sergeant Laynar Chan at Sai Kung New Public Pier

Every morning the Marine Police can be seen at the public piers talking to holidaymakers and handing out leaflets, because 13 people drowned in Sai Kung waters in the past 12 months. Sergeant Laynar Chan, in charge of the four-member team, said they do this daily during the summer from 9 to 11am as people are heading out on their boats.

The Marine Police warnings:

— Don’t swim alone; look after your mates

–If you have taken alcohol or drugs, or just finished eating, don’t enter the water

— Don’t swim too far from shore or boats

— Don’t jump into the sea from heights

— Always be aware of your physical condition; don’t stay in the water too long

— Don’t rely on inflatable devices: you may lose them


Sergeant Chan (right) and colleagues

The Police say rock fishing can be dangerous; people get swept off by unexpected waves. If going rock fishing:

— Inform others of your plans

— Monitor weather and tidal conditions and be aware the weather can change suddenly

— Wear non-slip footwear, a flotation jacket and head protection

— Carry ropes, a float, torches and mobile phone

— Always fish in sight of other people


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