1950s diner: new entrant in competitive restaurant sector opens on Tuesday 

A big competitor in the local restaurant scene will open on Tuesday, August 1, co-owner Sarah Colinsky said. The Diner, which aims to look and feel like a 1950s rock and roll joint, is in the last stages of fitting out on Po Tung Road. Sarah said it may operate for a week or so without a liquor licence as the technicalities get sorted out. Sarah owns the restaurant along with her husband, Marcus Thompson. it is their second; the first Diner is at 4 Arbuthnot Road in Central.

Head Chef Lewis Dai with yet-to-be-hung four-way traffic light and vintage highway sign.

Peter Hughes will move from the Central store to the new place as manager. Local character Jessica Drechsler will assist, while Lewis Dai will be head chef.

The bar has been lengthened because Designer Stephen Hart has installed open and closed kitchens. The front-end of a 1950s Chevy still sits in its packing. It is split to allow a table and chairs in the middle. A four-way traffic light waits for hanging at the entrance. Marcus said it will be flashing its lights by opening day. A Route 66 gas pump stands ready. Two walls are plastered with 200 vintage licence plates. Darth Vader in neon will eye kids drinking milkshakes and tackling cheese burgers.

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