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Car flips over on Clearwater Bay Road

A serious crash occurred in wet and slippery conditions on Clearwater Bay Road yesterday afternoon. Dramatic dashcam video shows the incident as it happened.

A black seven-person SUV was driving along Clearwater Bay, towards Choi Hung, nearby Denon Terrace, around 2 pm. It was driving on the inside lane when it suddenly swerved to the outside lane, lost control on what was possibly a patch of oil, and then crashed into the road barrier.

The car then flipped over the barrier and overturned. The 50-year-old male driver suffered ear, head and shoulder injuries, and injured 41-year-old female passenger with slight injuries were trapped in the car, rescued by the firefighters and ambulance staff.

Many comments on social media, both English and Chinese, have commented that none of the following cars stopped to help, but kept on driving. Also, comments have been made that a police vehicle drove past and ignored rescuers waving them down, and that it took at least 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. Others commented that they tried to stop but they were waved on by police. The turnabouts in the central barriers are around 1-2 km apart, so this also made it difficult to return to the scene.

BUZZ is awaiting a police response to the incident.

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