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In-coming Chief Executive Carrie Lam is fond of Sai Kung after early years at District office

A message from Maureen Siu, District Officer, Sai Kung


Carrie Lam as she looked in the days when she was Assistant District Officer Sai Kung.

Carrie Lam, who was sworn in as Chief Executive on 1 July 2017, knows Sai Kung well and has a soft spot for our district, Maureen Siu says in a message to BUZZ. Here are the District Officer’s comments following a request also for her reaction to our recent story on the fencing and padlocking of 350-year-old Wong Chuk Yeung by a developer.

I am not familiar with Wong Chuk Yeung.  Also, it is inside Shatin district, hence I am not in a position to comment.   However, if I have a chance later on, I will go there to take a look as a private citizen.

Thank you for doing the story on the sunken village exhibition.   It is just a humble start, and we hope to continue to enrich the story.  I am pleased that at the very least some of the space in that old village school is put to good use, and when people come to Sai Kung, there are not only restaurants and scenic views but also history, arts and culture.

The annual music, arts and cultural festival will start again around the beginning of October.  We are doing the preparation work and seeking funds from the District Council.  I will let you have more information later when funding is in hand and things start moving.


District Officer Maureen Siu.

By the way, you asked Peter Kwok (Assistant District Officer) in your email what connections Carrie Lam has with this district and what she will do in her administration regarding our district.   She was the Assistant District Officer of Sai Kung when she started her civil service career, and so she has close ties with the local community and many people here and is very fond of Sai Kung.  I would like to stress that in my view, the district should not demand special attention from her just because of this connection.   Sai Kung deserves proper attention no matter what, because Sai Kung is Hong Kong’s precious natural heritage and genuinely needs our tender loving care to preserve it as our gem.



2 Comments on In-coming Chief Executive Carrie Lam is fond of Sai Kung after early years at District office

  1. It’s actually in Tai Po district, which may technically be the case, but access is only via Sai Kung.


  2. What department did Maureen Siu transfer to ??


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