The International Proverse Poetry Prize 2017 – request for submissions

Proverse Publishing is asking for submissions for its annual poetry prize. SAI KUNG BUZZ has published many poems by local poets over the past two years, so we know that many of our readers will be interested in this contest.

The contest is for single poems, submitted in English. The closing date is 30 June 2017. Entry is open to all aged 18 and above. New, emerging and established writers are all welcome to enter.

The topic for 2017 is free choice OR “Happiness”. The poem should be no more than 30 lines (not counting title or blank lines), and the style, format and form are free choice. The poem must be previously unpublished in English.

The 1st prize is US$100.00; 2nd prize,  US$45.00; and 3rd prizes (up to four winners): US$20.00 each.

Prize-winning entries will be published on the website, and/or in a paperback anthology. Selected entries may be published in a paperback anthology. There is no limit to the number of entries per entrant. No entrant may win more than one cash prize in any year.

The entry fee is HK$88.00/GB£8.00/US$12.00 per poem. (Other currencies available.)

From 7 May 2017, you can enter through For full details, entry documents and submission information, you may also see the Proverse website:

You can see the inaugural Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology (2016), “Mingled Voices”, at: A video of the recent launch and awards event is available at:

The Prize was founded by Dr Gillian Bickley and Dr Verner Bickley MBE, in association with the annual international Proverse Prize for unpublished book-length fiction, non-fiction or poetry, submitted in English, which they also founded in 2008.

General enquiries to the following email address:


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