New Music venture hosts local bands at seafront S2 Bar from 3 June evening


Musicians Jason Curran and Jim Lewis have created a new venture to promote gigs at a permanent venue in the district. This is the S2 Seafront Bar near the main public pier. On Saturday 3 June Village Dogs and Levelling Out will perform.

Jason said their new venture is called “Sai Kung Live”. Asked about motivation, he said, “Just for the fun of it. We want to bring full band live music to Sai Kung.” The S2 location, open and spacious with a sea view, lends itself to night-time music among the twinkling lights. Jason said they have an agreement with the owners for S2 to be the permanent venue for gigs on the first Saturday of each month.

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Jason and Jim, local residents, both play for Hong Kong bands, The Privateers and Jimmy2Times respectively. “We have chosen Village Dogs and Levelling Out because they are genuinely local,” Jason said. Village Dogs, performing from 8pm, is “a duo who do acoustic interpretations of modern pop songs,” while Levelling out, on stage from 9.30, are “seasoned musicians who give a full band sound from classic rock to modern hits”.

Jason said that the music will be different every month. Anything from Americana-roots, to Celtic folk, to traditional rock. There will often be two bands per night, so there may be a blend of two different styles even within one evening. Each gig will definitely be open to the public, with no admission charge.

Events will begin promptly at 8:00pm and end at 11:00 (noise bylaw restrictions). Pineapple Jam is scheduled for the entire evening of Saturday 1 July. They are an Americana styled roots/folk band, with members based in Sai Kung.

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Jason and Jim have already shared some shows at S2 on an irregular basis in the past.  All shows have been met with very positive response. Amidst the shows was a common curiosity amongst SaiKungers in the audience, as to why doesn’t this happen all the time?

The owners of S2 are also very keen on continuing the positive spirit that surrounds those evenings. We all agreed that the mission statement is to bring live music to Sai Kung and to see people enjoying themselves.

Jason said “Our goal is to provide a proper full band live venue/experience, so that SaiKungers don’t need to go the city. Once we have established the monthly event as a fixture in the Sai Kung community, we will eventually begin to draw bands from elsewhere in HK to deliver quality live music from a variety of genres”.

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