Anniversary art exhibition displays romantic work by local talent

By Psyche Chong, Sai Kung artist and gallery owner

An art exhibition at City Hall, Central from tomorrow to 5 July 2017 celebrates the 20th anniversary of reunification. Having said that, there is no main theme and artists were free to fix their titles.


Organiser: Presented by The League of the Extraordinary Artists


1 July 2017 (Sat) 2:30pm-7:00pm

2-4 July 2017 (Sun-Tue)10:00am-7:00pm

5 July 2017 (Wed)10:00am-5:00pm

Venue: Hong Kong City Hall (Exhibition Gallery) (Address: Low Block, 5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong)

Ticket Price: Free Admission

However, the homonyms of the Chinese title of the exhibition, namely, “筆尋嘗” means something extraordinary. So when I was invited to join this exhibition in March, the name recalled the unusual things that happened to me in the three years which I have been expressing them on canvases. Thus it triggered me to showcase these paintings publicly for once, to let my sentiment slip through the brushes going ritualised.

In this respect, I’ve selected four paintings of mine for this joint exhibition.

One of the oil paintings, titled “Fragment 斷章”¹ was inspired by a Chinese poem written by Bian Zhilin which describes someone who has been standing at someone’s back watching him/her all along. So I adopted the poetic meaning and painted this because I also have the same story: I’ve been watching a friend of mine at his back silently and wishing him all the best. In the beginning of this story I felt like a caged bird because fate has repeatedly made us encounter each other. That confused me. But from time to time, I am hoping to spread my wings and accompany him to fly.


Another painting named “New Sun 重燃”² comes with a poem written by me, the contents of which both speak the same story they expressed.


So, while the exhibition is celebrating the 20th anniversary of reunification, I also have my personal hope of reunification of the two love birds.

¹ <斷章>,卞之琳 “Fragment”, by Bian Zhilin
你站在橋上看風景 You’re viewing the scenery on the bridge
看風景人在樓上看你 Sightseer’s seeing you from the upper room
明月裝飾了你的窗子 While the bright moon adorns your window
你裝飾了别人的夢 You embellish someone’s dream
² New Sun
You mourned
for your broken heart caused
by uncountable attacks blown
stripping all the leaves
disenchanting your desired dream
You go forth
nakedly wailed in the wind
silently bowed your knees
so to end
the distraught terminal fist

Can you tell
how your wound will be healed
My love, give me a hint
as I’m lost in
what can I give
Replant you a twinned trees
Rebuild you a ranch cabin
Tightly hold your hands
Let not you grieve in the bleakness
I do everything for you, in my senses

And you, please

Believe your dream
Keep intact the spirit
Stretch out your arms
Embrace the bliss
The dark has gone
New sun ensues
This is the rule
with the other eternity
is my consistency for you

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