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1950s rock and roll diner to open on former .Com site on Po Tung Road


An American concept called The Diner will open on the former .Com site on Po Tung Road in mid-July, Owner Marcus Thompson said.

The restaurant will be the company’s second. “Hong Kong’s only authentic American diner” was first opened at 4 Arbuthnot Road, Central. It is a plush looking place with lots of red leather banquettes and stainless steel stools, complete with the tail of a 1958 Cadillac converted into a couch.

Marcus said the Po Tung Road site is 50 per cent bigger than the Central one, “so we can do more. We’ve got the front end of a 1950s Chevy split in the middle to make room for a table and chairs. A huge four-way traffic light will hang from the ceiling and it will be working. A Route 66 gas pump will be on display. We have 200 real vintage licence plates from the 70s and 80s that will line the back corner. There will be a juke box, pay phone and open kitchen.” Peter Hughes, manager of The Diner in Central, will move to Sai Kung to take charge of the new restaurant.


Marcus said the two Diners will be owned by himself and his wife. They are also co-shareholders in Carnegie’s in Wanchai. This 23-year-old, almost iconic, live music bar is on the market. Marcus said Carnegie’s has about 10 shareholders, almost all of whom now live overseas. With no one really in control, the bar’s business has declined and the shareholders want out.

1 Comment on 1950s rock and roll diner to open on former .Com site on Po Tung Road

  1. So, will there be live music or not? A proper all-comers jam session would be very popular…


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