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New Sha Ha beach restaurant owned by TVB actor improves notably on previous grotty place


TVB actor Marco Ngai Chun-kit has opened a Thai restaurant on Sha Ha Beach that is a marked improvement on the grotty place there before. The site is splendid with open beach, sea and islands view. The redecoration  is quite okay but uninspired. A row of canopied outside tables right above the beach, wood-bladed fans whirring. Inside blue flowered wallpaper and dark wood furniture. The washrooms are nicely fitted out and clean, always a good sign in a restaurant. The Thai staff are very friendly.


TVB actor Marco Ngai Chun-kit, man about Sai Kung town.

Marco made his name as a TVB actor in “Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain”, “To Catch the Uncatchable” and “Armed Reaction”. He is not A-grade in terms of popularity, perhaps next level down. Born in Taiwan, 49 years old and married to Zhang Lihua, he is frequently seen around town.

Prices at the Thai Dao are reasonable. Phad Thai, which we enjoyed, is $118, tom yung kung soup $158, fried rice with seafood and pineapple $148.  You should go to Marco’s restaurant to admire the view while chatting to the smiling Thai staff: there is nowhere more scenic in our district for a beer or glass of wine and a bit of nosh.


3 Comments on New Sha Ha beach restaurant owned by TVB actor improves notably on previous grotty place

  1. Wish we will have more choice on food menu such as Chinese dim sum which would be more popular for family lunch


  2. Why on earth call the previous Dim Sum restaurant grotty. The food was excellent and the venue popular as a result. The Thai restaurant is also good, but the dim sum will be missed.


  3. Ken and the team before were excellent, gutted the place closed! Will try this soon. But agree with Jon.


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