Theatre group director opens new coffee shop and declares it will be mini-cultural hub

My Sunshine House, 25 See Cheung St where Fiesta Fiesta used to be.

The gentrifying of See Cheung St in the Old Town continues with the opening of a new coffee shop. Owner Amanda Cheng says My Sunshine House will be a mini-cultural hub.
Amanda has the background to deliver on her promises. She is Executive Director of PIP Cultural Industries Ltd, which creates drama shows. Its star is Jim Chim Sui-man, the stage actor, comedian and founder of PIP.

Amanda Cheng, PIP theatre group director and one of the owners of See Cheung Street’s newest coffee shops.

Located at 25 See Cheung St where Fiesta Fiesta used to be, the new coffee shop opened last month. It will be the site of a range of cultural activities, Amanda said. Firstly, there will be “immersive theatre”. Actors in costume from PIP theatre group will turn up in My Sunshine House and perform excerpts from PIP’s shows. Jim Chim will be the lead actor in the first of the shows, date not yet set.

Stage actor and comedian Jim Chim Sui-man will appear at the first “immersive theatre” performance at My Sunshine House, Amanda said.

The coffee shop will also host mini-concerts by solo artists, Amanda said. The first is May 27. The 21-year-old singer Karis Law will perform from 8 to 10pm. “We are going to have a series of wine and song evenings with young vibrant singers who are friends,” Amanda said. Frequency will depend on feedback.  Also planned are classes of various sorts, starting with Mabel Chan’s “Magic of Pendulum” fortune telling. Classes in candle-making and drawing will follow. My Sunshine House’s walls will be devoted to art displays, currently paintings by “Dorothy and her dog Wong Wong Wong” are on show.

My Sunshine House offers to exhibit local artists’ work.

My Sunshine House is the first F&B venture by three friends, Amanda, Brittany Chan and Juk Cheung, the talent behind its coffee.  Amanda said Juk won a recent competition for hand-dripped coffee. They are competing against three other coffee shops in the most attractive street in the Old Town: Little Cove, about two years old and the success that has attracted new competition, Let’s Jam, an older store further down the street, and the Blacksmith, distinguished by semi-pornographic S&M photos on the walls.
Signature dishes at My Sunshine House include Hokkaido Double Fromage Cheesecake $54, Lychee Mousse Cake $58, All Day Breakfast $98 and All Day Yummy Bite for two (stuffed chicken wings with cod roe, lotus root cake, pork burger patties and pork sausage) $178.

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