Sai Kung dog shelter invited to Aberdeen school

By Narelle Pamuk


Victoria Shanghai Academy, in Aberdeen, Hong Kong, held an exhibition at their school on Community Projects. Students selected charities and each group did their own stand to raise awareness for their nominated charity. Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation were very fortunate to be selected by 4 groups exhibiting display stands with materials promoting our dogs. They were so creative having produced an excellent video taken at our kennels featuring volunteers Linda and Kelly, printed business display cards with our address and pictures of our dogs for adoption, ran a slide presentation on computer and complied an album of pictures and articles.



A total of $4,393 was raised from pot noodle lunches. Other schools were invited, and the exhibition was a successful afternoon. The initiative of these students was just so impressive; congratulations and thank yous go to Hayley Ng, Vani Lee, April Ching, Justin Look, Nicholas Au, Henry Gao, Janice Soo, Janice Wong, Caitlin Liu, Angeling Wu and the teachers who assisted this IB community care programme. Our dogs Goldie and Indy were the stars and received so much attention!

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