MESSAGE FROM PASTOR CHRIS PONNIAH: Residents find a spiritual home at Resurrection Church

By The Rev. Chris Ponniah

Since taking over the leadership of Resurrection Church one year ago, I have seen several new people join the services. One such family is Nick and Arabella Lambe and their three children. They started attending the 10am service at Resurrection Church about a month ago and already feel a part of the church. “We love the friendliness and relaxedness of the church. We have three small children who don’t stay still, or quiet for long, and they love being at church and being involved in the children’s program that the church runs every Sunday.” For Nick and Arabella, the Sunday messages and the music keep them coming back. “The weekly sermons are in depth, yet easy and enjoyable. To top it off, the church has their own band playing all the music which has given us as a family a very different and fun perception of going to church and worshipping. On 4th June, the Lambe family is looking forward to the baptism of their youngest son Jack. “Chris has offered to do a beach baptism, which we didn’t know was possible. We are a family who spends most of our days on the beach and have strong ties to the water, so this will make for a personal and enjoyable ceremony for us.”

The Lambe Family

The church works hard at helping people connect with God. Ricky and Celeste Yu, a local Chinese couple, met me when they first moved to Sai Kung from Kowloon. Celeste recalls the first meeting. “Pastor Chris and his assistant Angel met us at a nearby bar. My husband was not a Christian then, nor was my son who has special needs and is unable to attend Sunday morning services. Without hesitation, Pastor Chris offered to conduct weekly bible study sessions in the comfort of our own home. I was so touched by his warmth and compassion, and his willingness to accommodate our family’s needs.  Since then, my whole family has been baptized and we have all became active members of the church community.”

Ricky and Celeste Yu and the family. Chris Ponniah is on the left

Resurrection Church has two services each Sunday, a reflective, one-hour traditional service at 8am and a more contemporary service with programmes for children and youth at 10am. The purpose is to serve the different needs of people in the community. The 8am service started a couple of months ago and follows the Anglican Prayer Book. People who attend love the prayerful nature of that service. The early time gives people the rest of the day to spend with family and friends.

Chris Riggs
Dr. Chris Riggs

Dr. Chris Riggs, the head of Veterinary Clinical Services at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, appreciates the 8am service because it allows him to attend a worship service before heading off to work.  It has made a big difference to my life to be able to take communion regularly, which, with my work, I couldn’t do before. Rather to my surprise, I enjoy the more formal liturgy, although I appreciate the church keeping it low key. I am delighted that the strong sense of God’s presence, which I have always felt so strongly at our 10am service, is there just as firmly at 8am. It’s a wonderful way to start a Sunday and it really helps me to survive a day at work afterwards.

Resurrection Church meets every Sunday at Pak Sha Wan Centre in Sai Kung at 8am and 10am. For more information contact the church office by phone 23583232, email or visit the website


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