'Invasion' of Ma On Shan Country Park for public housing to be studied, government announces

Shui Chuen O
Shui Chuen O on the edge of Ma On Shan country park. Credit: scmp

The development potential of two areas within or close to country parks is to be studied by the Housing Society, the Government announced yesterday. The areas concern Shui Chuen O at Ma On Shan country park and Tai Lam. The society will also study the ecological value of the sites, both 20 hectares, over 18 months.

The Government said this follows the Chief Executive’s 2017 policy address in which he said land on the periphery of country parks with low ecological value should be considered for public housing and elderly homes.

Friends of Sai Kung Vice Chairman Guy Shirra wrote to Christine Loh, EPD Undersecretary, saying the society opposes invasion of country park boundaries “while greedy developers hold huge land banks which the Government is too chicken to engage them about and undeveloped brownfield sites abound”.

Christine replied environmental studies will be done at both locations. It is only after those studies have been completed that use of the land would be considered for public housing and elderly homes. The studies would take time and after that there would be consultation.

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