FEHD on the prowl again; this time, old ladies arrested for selling veggies on the waterfront

Social media are reporting yet another example of harassment by officers of FEHD.

FEHD old lady 2
Photo: Vickers Harper

FEHD officers are stepping up their patrols and addressing the increasing “crime wave”. 20 officers had a sting operation this morning and quickly confiscated the illegal contraband of 80-year old ladies selling vegetables by the waterfront. It is reported that one old lady was escorted to the Police Station.

fehd old lady 1

This follows a raid on the stationary shop in the square the other day – it seems they have been banned from erecting the tables of merchandise outside the shop, one of the colourful sights of the community.

Following the raid two weeks ago by 21 officers on Burger Deli, it is clear that selective targeting of the softer options needs hordes of officers whilst the illegal dining areas outside the seafood restaurants is quietly ignored.

And when will CASA get its tables back outside? A question which is haunting us all…………….

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  1. Does anyone complain about this to the appropriate Department?
    Do the administrators know about the stupidity of the actions of their officers.
    They are probably administering the law as it is written but surely laws are meant to be about people. (I’ll bet they have an answer for that comment!)