Abandoned dogs rescued from derelict swimming pool

by Narelle Pamuk


Gracie and her babies were rescued only days following birth from a derelict swimming pool which Gracie had no way of escaping with her newborns. It could only have been a case of abandonment by some heartless person as a heavily pregnant expectant mother dog could not have jumped into such a deep pool to deliver her babies exposed to the weather when there were secluded buildings on the site. Fortunately for Gracie and her babies a report was made and the new family were rescued and given safe shelter and care by Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation..

Four of the most adorable and stunning little ones, all healthy and thriving everyday, nurtured with love from their Mum. Happy and sad emotions, the time has come for the babies to go to their new homes. Three have now left and are settling in well. Only beautiful Mum Gracie and one baby remain waiting for a home. Hopes and wishes are that Mum and daughter can be adopted and stay together.

It’s what fairytales are made of and we only need one family to make dreams come true! If you are our dream maker do come this weekend to meet Gracie and hold her gorgeous little girl Gemma.

Call Narelle 9199 2340 or Kathy 6012 8559
Visiting Hours: 10.30-4.30 daily.
151 Tai Lam Wu, Sai Kung.

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