769-flat building plan for Sha Ha withdrawn by New World on day before hearing

An application to build 769 flats at Sha Ha was withdrawn from the Town Planning Board the day before the matter was to be discussed, Carol Ho, co-founder of Sai Kung Planning Concern Front, said. The project by New World Development was ” too big and too controversial”.

Carol has led protests against the scheme and others by repeatedly standing on a street corner with a microphone and placards warning passersby of the over-development disaster. SKPF has campaigned on Facebook and other social media supported by SAI KUNG BUZZ.

Over-development protester Carol Ho, co-founder of Sai Kung Planning Concern Front

Many local organisations including the Sai Kung District Council and the Rural Committee had written to the Town Planning Board objecting to the 769-apartment development. Council Chairman George Ng Sze-fuk signed the letter, Carol said.  The widespread opposition may have worked for once, causing New World to go back for a rethink.

New World is the company that gave Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay the 680-flat Mt Pavilia estate, now nearing completion. Agents are on the streets handing out sales leaflets. NWD is also behind the “Golf and Tennis Academy” at Pak Kong, which has 100 apartments.

Carol said she expects New World to come back to the planning board shortly, perhaps with a modified proposal.

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