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Encroachment on country parks: protest march to show public anger to be staged 28 May


A protest march against Government plans for housing encroachment on country parks will be staged on Sunday, 28 May.  This follows the announcement about 10 days ago that the Housing Society had been authorised to examine 20-hectare sites in or on the edge of both Ma On Shan and Tai Lam country parks for development of “public housing and homes for the elderly”.

Hikers joining in the demonstration of public displeasure will start from Ma On Kong warden post at 9am.  The route goes on to the Lookout then to Kam Sheung Road station, a walk of about three hours.

The protest march is supported by Designing Hong Kong, Friends of Sai Kung, Environmental Life Science Society, HKUSU, Friends of Sai Kung, Green Sense, Friends of the Earth, Greens Action, Greenpeace, Conservancy Association, Green Earth, HK Bird Watching Society and others.

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