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Driver jumps red light, hits young woman who is flung across his windscreen and he carries on for one kilometre


Photo credit: EJ Insight

A 32-year-old woman is in critical condition after being hit on a pedestrian crossing by a driver who failed to stop for about one kilometre despite having a body draped across his windscreen, according to Ejinsight, Ming Pao Daily and The Clearwater Bay Road accident near Silver Cape Road a week ago led to a horrific video circulating on the internet.

The woman surnamed Wan is a mainlander visiting Hong Kong on a two-way permit. She is said to have been obeying a green crossing light while the driver of a seven-seater car did not stop for a red light. The driver from Tseung Kwan O, a 45-year-old teacher and surnamed Lai was arrested and charged by police with dangerous driving causing injury and failing to stop after an accident. Wan was still draped across the bonnet and windscreen of his car when police arrived. She had suffered multiple injuries and was bleeding. Ambulancemen took her to hospital were she was attended to in an intensive care unit.

Lai is reportedly out on bail and has been told to report to a police station in a month as investigations continue.

Video credit: Asia Times

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