Yung Yung, Sai Kung’s most well-known dog, passes away

Yung Yung in a photo posted by Sai Kung Stray Friends Association

SAI KUNG BUZZ regrets to report the death of our town’s most well-known dog. Yung Yung, an all-black Hong Kong pedigree, could be seen most days near the vegetable shop that is on the corner by the government buildings and the alleyway leading along to Bacco bar-restaurant. Yung Yung was getting old and she didn’t give a damn as she sauntered across the busy roads doing her treat-collecting rounds ignoring the cars. Most drivers gave her respect; anyone who didn’t could get into trouble very fast with the locals.

Recently the strength of Yung Yung’s heart declined. Her body accumulated fluid, so Narelle Pamuk’s Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation paid for her to have the fluid drained regularly at Pets Central.

Yung Yung was one of the two most frequently seen dogs in Sai Kung town. The other is Fay Jai, a blond Hong Kong pedigree who often lay at the corner near the temple and Anthony’s Ranch during the day. At night he was picked up by his companion, a truck driver, and presumably taken home. Fay Jai has not been spotted at his corner for some time. The family’s habits have changed. But we do report pleasure at seeing Fay Jai recently sitting up proudly on the passenger seat being driven around in the same truck.

RIP Yung Yung.

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