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$2.5 billion waterfront hotel owned by Shaw Brothers and other investors set to open next summer


Architectural firm Aedas’s rendition of what the new 270-room hotel will look like

The new waterfront hotel, costing about $2.5 billion, is expected to open in the summer of next year, according to Raymond Chan, Director of Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Ltd.

The hotel will have three storeys above ground including 270 rooms and as yet undecided number of bars and restaurants. Two floors will be below ground with function and banquet rooms.

“It is going to be trendy,” Raymond said, “with lots of natural features, rocks, greenery, waterfalls. It will be more like a resort than a hotel.” Total investment in the project including land, construction and fitting out, is estimated at $2.5 billion. Open to the public, Raymond said it will prove to be an asset to the district, which has nothing like it at present. The immediate area, including the Hong Kong Academy, is becoming gentrified.


View of the seafront site acquired by Shaw Brothers and partners

Hotel management will be by ITC Properties Group Ltd, a publicly listed developer and hotel operator that is also an investor with Shaw Brothers in the new Sai Kung hotel. Benny Wong, Managing Director of ITC’s Rosedale Hotel operations in Kowloon and Causeway Bay, is in charge of getting the hotel ready for opening. Raymond said Shaw Brothers is awaiting recommendations from Benny’s team on matters such as the hotel’s name, theme and even the number of bars and restaurants. The building structure is nearly complete.

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