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Official intransigence leaves Sai Kung a most unfriendly place for cyclists


Friends of Sai Kung reports complete failure in its lobbying for a more cyclist friendly district. It is a serious matter because of deaths and injuries on the roads. Some cycling devotees have left Sai Kung after being knocked off their bikes by callous drivers.

Vice Chairman of FSK Guy Shirra and BUZZ Editorial Board member tells the story:

“Friends of Sai Kung failed in its attempt to persuade the government to take their proposed cycle track extension from Ma Liu Shui to Sai Kung Town along the coast in Sap Sei Heung (instead of Sai Sha Road) and later the government cancelled the cycle track anyway.

“FSK’s proposal to extend it further to Ho Chung and Pak Tam Chung was a complete non-starter. So, to cycle legally in Sai Kung (i.e. not on a pavement) cyclists need to continue to risk being wiped out on the roads by uneducated and incompetent motorists.”

On cycle parking, Guy said FSK’s attempts back in 2011 to persuade the government and SK District Council to increase the number of cycle parking spaces in Sai Kung Town (at the time there were ZERO, yes, ZERO) fell on deaf ears.

“We asked for cycle parking in all outdoor car parks and at all government facilities and public amenities and what did they reluctantly give us? TWELVE spaces at the Tang Shiu-kin Sports Stadium. Not near the entrance though, oh no; at the back of the stadium near nothing at all, except the disused bus and minibus terminus near the police station.”

Guy said if you prefer to cycle, beware that your bike might get seized for obstruction by the Lands Department under a law designed to control squatting on government land.

“You might get a warning notice stuck on it but if it is seized, it has gone for good as there is no legal means of recovery; no return on payment of fee, no Habeas Bicyclus –you are de-bicycled.”

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