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Activists to stage public exhibition protesting against over-development of Sai Kung


A public exhibition protesting against over-development of our district will be staged on April 22 by Sai Kung Planning Concern Group. Founder Carol Ho said the group is most concerned about New World Development’s plans for Sha Ha. The company that gave us the “Golf and Tennis Academy” with its ugly masts and nets as well as the 680-flat Mt Pavilia project  wants to build 79 blocks with 769 flats at Sha Ha.

Carol said the police have no objection to the exhibition which will be in the public open space near Burger Deli.

Sai Kung is being transformed by over-development. Its days as the “back garden of Hong Kong” are numbered. Carol said the Government has no concept of conservation and her group wants to show the public the scale of the devastation coming to their community.

Sai Kung Planning Concern Group has only four active members. Carol, Joseph Wu, Siu Ma and someone who just wants to be known as Joshua.  But this small group is having a big impact. The April 22 exhibition will be their third. They have organised a petition against Sha Ha collecting 800 signatures. They are carrying out investigations, building a supporters’ database and  posting on their Facebook page three or four times a week, getting up to 10,000 hits. Carol said they translated a SAI KUNG BUZZ article on Hiram’s Highway that also attracted 10,000 hits.

Carol said the following residential developments are finished or nearing completion:

  • The Mediterranean, 297 flats
  • Park Mediterranean, 285 flats
  • Mt Pavilia, 680 flats
  • Golf and Tennis Academy, 100 apartments

Some massive developments are seeking planning permission along with many smaller ones:

  • Sha Ha, 769 flats
  • China Paint site, 360 flats
  • ATV site at Ho Chung, unknown
  • Shaw Studio site, believed to be as big as Sha Ha
  • Seaview houses near the Beach Hotel
  • Multiple small houses that will destroy the remaining green belts in the areas of Pak Wai, Pak Kong, Sha Kok Mei, Tai Mong Tsai, Long Keng, Tai Mong Tsai, Uk Tau, Ko Tong, Pak Sha O and Hui Ha.

Sai Kung Planning Concern Group has also studied the traffic patterns on Hiram’s Highway and concluded that we are destined for horrendous traffic jams at peak times.


If you want to help Carol and her fellow campaigners, email carolchan991010@gmailcom or check their Facebook page.

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