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Deaths of hikers in the hills and mounting rescues lead police chief to issue safety video

Because deaths, injuries and rescues are so frequent in Sai Kung hills, Chief Inspector Daniel Tsang, local police station commander, has issued a hiking safety video. Some examples of what Daniel is talking about:

  • A fireman died on Ma On Shan after falling during a rescue of an off-duty policeman and his girlfriend.
  • A 60-year-old man collapsed and died near treacherous trails on Sharp Peak.
  • Another off-duty policeman got lost in the hills and called 999. Mysteriously his calls stopped. His body has never been found.
  • A man hiking with three woman on Maclehose Stage 3 said to his companions he wasn’t feeling well and asked them to go ahead. Two days later police found his body.
  • Near Tai Long Wan a woman hiker was swept off rocks and drowned.

It is dangerous out there if you are unfit, under-prepared, ill or just plain foolish. Between 2005 and 2015 rescues of hikers went from 138 a year to 340.

Experienced hikers say if you stick to commonsense rules you will be safe in the hills: Don’t take on too much too soon, study your route, don’t go alone, take adequate food and water, wear strong boots, bring a mobile phone and a map and a torch, note the marking posts so if you have a problem you can say where you are, always be aware of your alternative routes out of the bush.


Credit: EJ Sight