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Uglification alert: will shot-creters swarm all over our district as in the past?

by Trevor Bailey


The shot-creters are back in Sai Kung. This is the scene on Yung Shue O Road where a gang hired by the Water Supplies Department is blasting the water catchment slopes over 300 yards.

Rewind to the turn of the century: Sai Kung was swarming with shot-creting crews. They were using their high-pressure hoses to cover every slope they could get to on roads and catchments from one end of the district to the other. It seemed the uglification of Sai Kung was the Government’s aim. But it wasn’t just Sai Kung, grey shot-creted slopes were appearing all over the territory.

Residents rebelled. They protested, signed petitions, wrote letters to the editor. The letters accused the officials at the top who approved the budgets and signed the cheques of not seeing the consequences of their actions in our neighbourhoods. Joe Wong hanging onto the juddering hose as it blasted the slopes, didn’t care. He just wanted his pay. It was the complete buronic cock-up.

Then residents were astonished. The protests had worked for once. The shot-creters disappeared.

Now they are back.  Alert readers should report other incidences because we may have to start campaigning all over again.


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