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New art gallery in New World’s 680-flat development may turn out to be community asset

by Trevor Bailey

Sai Kung’s finest art gallery has opened at the entrance of New World’s Mount Pavilia development. Mali Tsang, an exhibition assistant, said the first show in the approximately 3000 sq ft gallery will run until April 17.


Mali Tsang smilingly conducts a tour of the new gallery

The gallery, named White Yard, occupies the top two floors of the white curved building that can be seen from Clearwater Bay Road. The two floors under the gallery will house shortly to open restaurants called Feather & Bone and St Bart’s, the latter by Sai Kung’s Costelo Group.

Much of the art on display would cause most people to walk by without a second glance. But some will stop you in your tracks, particularly moving works that change while you watch. Mali said they are mocking today’s technology and sending warnings about where it may all lead.


Mali said some of the most outstanding art is intended to mock today’s technology

What is New World Development up to?  Cynics will say it just about tarting up the 680-apartment project to enhance property values. Others will say New World is doing good, putting something back.  There is no doubt this is the best art space available in our district. Will Sai Kung’s many talented artists be allowed to exhibit there?  Mali said she doesn’t know what is scheduled to go on show after April 17.

The Mount Pavilia development also includes a sculpture park, previewed in SAI KUNG BUZZ, but New World’s security guards are keeping it hidden for the time being. “Operating site, operating site,” they say, barring the way.

2 Comments on New art gallery in New World’s 680-flat development may turn out to be community asset

  1. It’s just another HK golf and tennis academy as it claimed itself ‘a local charitable institution’ and ‘serves the HK community’. How far is it true?


  2. What type of camera is this? That is definitely a great
    superior quality.


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