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Plea for help finding pet cat from Sha Kok Mei’s Natalee Hilton


Willow, visiting from Australia, with Polly, the cat now missing for four days. Natalee, Polly’s owner, has had a rough month fracturing her ankle three times earlier. Willow and her mother Kelly are staying at Sha Kok Mei temporarily to help Natalee

Hello, my little cat Polly has been missing since 2am on Saturday morning (1st April). We live in Aqua Villa in Sha Kok Mei and if she ever accidentally gets outside she is always back in the house within 20 mins. This is the latest photo of her taken on Friday. She is very friendly and I am hoping someone has taken her in. My no is 6380 8574. Thank you so much.

Taken from Sai Kung-Lost Found Injured Animals:

3 Comments on Plea for help finding pet cat from Sha Kok Mei’s Natalee Hilton

  1. NATALEE HILTON // 6 April 2017 at 7:45 PM // Reply

    Hello, I just want to thank this wonderful publication and its people for being so kind as to post this to help me find my cat and also for calling me to offer support too. The compassion shown to me was incredible and I will never forget the kindness. I am still holding hope that some nice family has taken her in and she will eventually be returned to me. Thanks again Sai Kung Buzz for being such a caring asset to our community. Natalee x


  2. NATALEE HILTON // 7 April 2017 at 3:45 PM // Reply

    She is HOME! She just walked in like she had never been missing. To say I am beyond ecstatic is understatement. Thank you so much Buzz for your kind support 🙂

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