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Tiger Dragon Wheel, poem by Psyche Chong


Tiger Dragon Wheel (left) painted by Giulio Acconci for the designing book cover of Devlin’ s Chakra, author by Neville Sarony


The dragon and tiger fight
For leading the wheel to spring
Impersonate the man and woman
Keeping themselves in the wrestling ring
Even the bird from the sky
Combats with the snake on the ground
Mimic the supremacy in the name of freedom
Making the grassroots to strike
The glaring eyes see all never ending battles
Exhaust every creature in the circle

The wheel of life, oh the wheel of life
You tell us the course of everything that lies
And to end these earthly sufferings
Only by pureness be retained
In the sphere of our inner part
Liken to the lotus in the heart
No dirt surrounds her should affect
Her growth and beauty in the end
The beaming eyes oversee every being
To steer the wheel of becoming

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