George Ng, our chairman, offers his new restaurant building for $138 million

George Ng Sze-fuk has put his new restaurant building on Yi Chun St up for sale at $138 million. This is the new build across the alleyway from Steamers on Yi Chun Street and opposite Poets. George’s staff member Lau Kit-man said, “This is the price of three months ago. I don’t know if it has gone up. I have to ask my boss.”

Kit-man said the building is also available for lease at $300,000 plus. The ground floor is 1700 sq ft, she said, and the first floor, which has an outdoor terrace, 1100 sq ft. The Buildings Department has approved the building for commercial use, so it could be a restaurant or a pub.


Often seen around town in his tweedy jacket, George sometimes stands outside his new building admiring it. He has been Sai Kung District Council Chairman for 22 years and shows no sign of stepping aside. With his family he also owns the Sing Kee Seafood and Loaf On restaurants in the Old Town. Just days before she was elected our new Chief Executive, George squired Carrie Lam through our central square with press photographers walking backwards in front of them, cameras flashing. George was a member of the 1194 strong Election Committee, and is a member of the dominant Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) that voted en bloc for Lam.

george and carrie
Carrie Lam campaigning in Sai Kung during the recent CE elections with host George Ng on the right.

George’s office as Council Chairman and DAB executive committee member is yards from his new building down the alleyway called Yee Kuk St. His Chairman’s pay from the Government, salary and benefits, totals $98,000. He is a Justice of the Peace and has been awarded three Bauhinia Stars including the Gold. Check his resume and you find George has been on just about every worthwhile community service board at one time or another.

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